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IMPACT'95 9.99
The classic bat-and-ball game has been updated with another 48 great levels on top of the 80 original favourites. A game that anyone can play - but few can win!
Murderous multi-level mayhem as you bounce your way through 80 dastardly levels. You control a bouncing ball, and your task is to squash the monsters on each level - sounds easy, until you find out that you must squash the monsters in the right order. Includes a screen designer.
In a spaceship on the edge of the galaxy three spacemen slumber in cryogenic storage awaiting arrival at their destination. Suddenly alarm bells indicate that the ship has been infiltrated by alien life-forms - and the cryogenic system goes in defrost mode. Waking from your deep sleep you realise you have only 60 minutes to rid the ship of aliens before it auto-destructs.
Audiogenic's only coin-op licence (from Premier Technology, better known for their Gottleib pin tables) is based on one of the most unusual arcade machines ever. You play the role of an pest controller, wiping out pests and clearing rubbish room by room, house by house. Great fun for one or two players.

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