FAQs for the PC version

The pointer moves across the screen of its own accord, and I can't select any options.

This is usually caused by joystick conflicts. If you have two joysticks, try removing one of them, and re-starting the program. If you have only one joystick, check to see if you have two game ports at the same address (one may be on your sound card). If so, one of them should be disabled.

As soon as the first ball is bowled, the game crashes.

The sound card has been set up wrongly. Check what the settings should be, and re-run the installation program.

As soon as I try to start a game, I go straight back to the DOS prompt.

You must have the original game disk (floppy or CD) in the drive when you start the program.

I get the message "Not enough memory to run", but I have 16mb. What's going on?

Like all DOS programs, this game requires a particular type of memory, known as conventional memory. Different releases of the game require differing amounts, but usually 575k is enough. To check how much conventional memory you have type MEM at the DOS prompt. If you have DOS 6.xx you can type MEMMAKER to re-organise the memory - accept all the default options. Otherwise the best solution is to create a 'Boot disk' with customised AUTOEXEC.BAT and CONFIG.SYS files. You can create a boot disk as one of the options in the installation program.

The CD ROM keeps popping out, or I get a message saying that the CD cannot be initialised.

Many modern CD ROM drives are incompatible with this game as a result of changes in CD standards since the game was released in 1994. If you return the CD to Audiogenic together with 4 First Class stamps, you will be sent a floppy disk version. Be sure to return only the CD itself, not the plastic case or manual.