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GRAHAM GOOCH WORLD CLASS CRICKET Test Match Special Edition 19.99
Numerous match options from one-day games up to five-day tests; all the test-playing sides are included, but you can add your own favourite players and teams if you like. You control batting and bowling (fielding is automatic, but you can set the field). One or two can play - or watch two computer sides in action. Includes saved positions from 8 famous test matches from 1902-94.
The most comprehensive statistics we currently offer, including 9 international sides, 18 English counties, and 6 Australian Sheffield Shield sides, all accurate as at the end of the 1994 English season, and the start of the 94/95 Australian season. Compatible with all Amiga versions of Graham Gooch or Brian Lara Cricket, but not with Battle for the Ashes.
A specially adapted 'trial' version of our cricket game which allows you to play test matches between England and Australia. If you enjoy playing Battle for the Ashes then you can upgrade to World Class Cricket on special terms.
Superb gameplay and intuitive controls make Super Tennis Champs terrific fun to play. Up to 4 people can play simultaneously (3 or 4 players require a suitable parallel port joystick adapter), but even if you're own your own you can enjoy a game of singles or doubles (the computer will control all the other players). Play in an exhibition match, a league, a singles tournament - or go for the Grand Slam! Supports standard joysticks, also two-button joysticks and CD-32 controllers!
Also available data disks - Mixed Doubles and Women Players 7.99 each
SUPER LEAGUE MANAGER (1mb) CD32 29.99, A1200 29.99, A500/600 29.99
The first role-playing soccer management game, Super League Manager is uniquely different, with an atmosphere all its own. Statistics are kept to a minimum - instead you're encouraged to think of your players as real personalities. You can't treat them all the same - some are easy-going, but others will really give you a hard time if you rub them up the wrong way. The CD32 and A1200 versions include a great arcade game based on Wembley International Soccer - the A500/600 version (requires 1mb) is compatible with that old favourite Emlyn Hughes Soccer.Buy the A500/600 version and get Emlyn Hughes Soccer free! (NB: Emlyn Hughes is not A1200 compatible)
WEMBLEY INTERNATIONAL SOCCER CD32 19.99, A1200 19.99, A500 19.99
Maybe not the top-selling soccer game, but probably the most realistic! Supports the use of a CD32 even on a standard Amiga! Of course, you can also use a standard joystick. Includes all the top international sides who competed in the last World Cup.
One of the highest-selling games of all time, EHIS was in the charts for three years from 1988 to 1991! The first arcade soccer game to have named players and variable skill levels, it may look dated but it's still the favourite game of many an old-timer.One or two players. The Amiga version is compatible with the A500/600 only.
WORLD CLASS RUGBY '95 (1mb) 19.99
An updated version of World Class Rugby (described by The One as 'Without doubt the definitive rugby game') with squads from the 1995 Rugby World Cup. One or two can play (or up to four with a suitable adapter).
Features squads from the 16 countries which qualified for the 1991 Rugby World Cup, and also allows you to play a Five Nations Tournament. One or two can play simultaneously. Not endorsed by Rugby World Cup Limited, or anyone else for that matter, but without doubt the best rugby game around!
The only arcade simulation of rugby league. Based on the tried and tested 'engine' from World Class Rugby, but adapted to incorporate the play-the-ball, 13 a side, and all the other key rugby league features. Can your team make it to the Wembley final?
A superb management simulation with a challenging three division structure. When the games begins you're the coach of lowly Thorne, a team of has-beens and no-hopers. Can you challenge the likes of Wigan and take Thorne from the bottom of the league to the top?

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